What is a Surgical Abortion?

A surgical abortion is also referred to as a Dilation & Curettage (“D&C”) and can be done anywhere from 5 – 14 weeks of gestation. Like a Medical Termination, a D&C is a safe and effective (99%) way to end a pregnancy. All Surgical Abortions are done in the privacy of our office, and often only take just a couple of minutes to complete. You are given medication to relax you and to ease any discomfort from the procedure. Due to this medication, you will need to have someone with you who can safely drive you home after the procedure. In the state of California, you can choose to terminate a pregnancy up to the 24 week mark. However, at My Choice Medical Center we are only equipped to do procedures up to 15 weeks. In the event you are further along in your pregnancy, we would be happy to refer you to a facility that can provide you safe, affordable and quality care.