What Should I Expect at my Visit?

On the day of your Surgical Abortion appointment, you should plan to be in the office for approximately 1-2 hours. Upon arrival, our staff will provide you with the initial paperwork you will need to fill out. This paperwork will provide us with all your necessary information and medical history. You will also have your blood drawn in our lab, and we will collect information regarding your pregnancy hormone levels and your blood type. You will also have an ultrasound done so that the staff can know exactly how many weeks pregnant you are and verify that you are a good candidate for the procedure. Once you are ready for the procedure, you will be shown to a private surgical room  where our highly skilled and licensed OB/GYN surgeon will provide you with the proper medications to ease your anxiety and allow you to be comfortable prior to performing the procedure. Following your procedure, our staff will monitor you during your recovery time. Before you leave, our staff will provide you with post-operative instructions, any relevant medications, and a 24/7 access line where you can reach the on-call physician at any time with any questions/concerns that you may have.