Thinking about having an abortion? You are so not alone. Abortion is very common, and women have abortions for many different reasons. Only you know what’s best for you, but good abortion information and support can really help you make the decision that’s best for your own health and well-being. If you are wondering where to get the best abortion services in Lancaster, CA, My Choice Medical Center is the answer. We are a contraception and abortion clinic that is dedicated to the provision of high-quality and affordable abortion services in Los Angeles.

Abortion Services

Having an unwanted pregnancy and deciding to have an abortion can be demanding. Deciding which type of abortion procedure that’s best for your circumstances can add to the confusion. At My Choice Medical Center in Lancaster, we help you choose between two abortion services, which are:

  1. Medical (Pill) abortion

Medical abortion also referred to as pill abortion, is a non-surgical abortion option that’s safe and effective in terminating an early pregnancy. Medical abortion becomes a viable option once a pregnancy is discovered via ultrasound, usually about 5 weeks up to 9 weeks gestation. The abortion is accomplished using a combination of 2 pills, mifepristone, and misoprostol, which work together to end a pregnancy.

The first pill, mifepristone, is essentially an anti-hormone drug that’s taken in order to block the effects of progesterone and stop pregnancy growth. The second abortion pill, misoprostol, should be taken 24-48 hours after taking mifepristone. The pill should be placed between the cheek and gum for about 30 minutes, after which any remaining fragments should be swallowed with water.

After taking misoprostol, the medication will open your cervix and enable your uterus to expel the pregnancy. This usually occurs between 30 minutes and 24 hours after taking the abortion pill. Most women usually experience some cramps and vaginal bleeding within 4 hours. 

Medical abortion is suitable for almost all women. However, this abortion option is not ideal for certain women, including:

  • Those who have a bleeding disorder
  • Those using blood thinning medications,
  • Those who have adrenal gland problems
  • Those using corticosteroid medications

When you visit My Choice Medical Center in Lancaster, we will first take an ultrasound to ensure that you are no more than 9 weeks pregnant and to rule out ectopic pregnancy. We will also take your medical history into account to ensure that you are eligible for a medical abortion.

Medical abortion has many advantages, which make it an ideal abortion option for most women. It is widely preferred because:

  • It is non-invasive or non-surgical, thus presents no surgical risks
  • It doesn’t require anesthesia
  • It allows for privacy
  • It allows you to have an abortion at home with support from family and/or friends

After having a medical abortion, we will need to make a follow-up visit. This is so that we can see you and ensure that your pregnancy termination is complete and that you are doing well. In addition, we will take blood tests to ensure that your hormone levels have decreased. We will also perform a pelvic ultrasound to ensure that everything is okay.

  1. Surgical abortion

Surgical abortion, also referred to as Dilation & Curettage (D&C) is an abortion procedure that is commonly done anywhere from 5 weeks to 14 weeks of gestation. The procedure can also be performed in the 2nd trimester, up to 24 weeks of gestation.

At My Choice Medical Center, we are equipped to perform surgical abortion procedures for up to 15 weeks. If your pregnancy has progressed beyond 15 weeks, we will gladly refer you to another medical facility that can facilitate safe and affordable surgical abortion.

When done within the first trimester, surgical abortion is often performed under twilight sedation. Nevertheless, the option of administering a local anesthetic is also available. Once sedated, the doctor inserts a small tube into the uterus and, while applying gentle suction, takes out the contents and lining of the uterus.

The surgical abortion procedure generally takes around 10 minutes to complete. Nevertheless, it can take about 4 to 5 hours from the time you arrive at the clinic, to prepare for surgery and recovery. Once the anesthetic has worn off and having received aftercare advice, you can be driven home.

There are various reasons why surgical abortion is an ideal abortion option for pregnancy termination, including:

  • It is an effective procedure with a success rate of about 99%
  • It is a safe procedure with risks associated with it being far less than 1%
  • The procedure is quick
  • There’s usually less bleeding and cramping
  • It’s less painful as sedation or anesthesia is used
  • It has less complication rate and a high success rate

Whether you opt for a medical abortion or a surgical abortion, you want to have it done at an abortion clinic that performs the procedure effectively and safely. My Choice Medical Center has what it takes to provide high-quality abortion services to any woman who has decided to terminate her pregnancy. We take pride in being the only private abortion practice in Los Angeles that’s certified by the National Abortion Federation (NAF).

Family Planning Services

In addition to high-quality abortion services, My Choice Medical Center in Lancaster, CA also provides full spectrum family planning services, including:

  • Emergency contraception, i.e., the morning after pill
  • Birth control, including Depo Provera shot, IUD (Mirena, Paragard), pills, Ortho Evra Patch, and Nuvaring.

We provide free medical consultation to address any questions you may have regarding family planning and discuss your options. In addition to the family planning services, we also offer prenatal (obstetrical) service, obstetrical ultrasound to determine the size of pregnancy, STD testing, and cancer detection testing.

Find an Abortion Clinic Near Me

My Choice Medical Clinic is all about respecting your choice. If your choice is to terminate your pregnancy, we will help you to decide the ideal path to take. We will provide you with valuable abortion information so that you can make an informed decision. Furthermore, we will perform abortion effectively, safely and discretely.

If you want family planning services, but are not sure which birth control method is ideal for you, you can rely on us. We will help you choose the ideal birth control method so you can avoid unwanted pregnancy and plan your life.

Want to find out more about family planning and abortion services in Lancaster, CA? Contact My Choice Medical Clinic or call us at 866-397-3070 for a free consultation. Our friendly and helpful customer support will answer all your questions and book an appointment for you.