What If You Can’t See Anything On My Ultrasound?

An ultrasound is always performed prior to a medical termination to assure that you are a good candidate for the procedure. We are looking to confirm that you are under 10  weeks pregnant (after 10  weeks the abortion pill is not an acceptable method), and we are also confirming that we see a pregnancy located inside of your uterus. On rare occasions, you may have an Ectopic pregnancy in which the embryo grows outside of the uterus in a secondary location. This situation is very serious and can be life threatening. Sometimes, if you are very early in your pregnancy, we will not see anything inside of the uterus yet. However, until we can see inside the uterus we cannot exclude an ectopic pregnancy.  This does not exclude your ability to do the  medical termination that day.   If you elect to continue with the procedure we will accommodate you, but there will additional lab work done that day to obtain a blood pregnancy hormone level. You will need to have this blood level repeated a week after your termination to confirm a successful termination. If your blood pregnancy hormones are declining properly, we are assured of a successful procedure. If your levels plateau or rise, and your ultrasound still shows an empty uterus, we will evaluate further for an ectopic pregnancy. You also have the option of waiting 7-10 days and returning to the office to recheck your ultrasound and do the medical termination at a later date. Our staff will review all options with you in the office if this happens. Our number one priority is always to assure that you are given the safest, highest quality of care possible.