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Our experienced team and compassionate Doctor with his medical team will support before, during and after the service of your choice.

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Our success over the past decade on referrals from satisfied
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Our experienced and compassionate Doctor with his medical team will support
you before, during, and after the service of your choice.

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Jessica C.

The staff were very supportive and non-judgmental about my decision. The best part was that my boyfriend was allowed to be with me the whole time . Dr. Joseph was very knowledgeable , answered all my questions. I had the surgical procedure done vs the medical one . It was fast , and i would recommend this clinic to anyone.

Jessica Lancaster, CA

I am so happy that I found such a place in a time that I really needed support. The lady who answered my call on the phone was sooooooo supportive. She even provided transportation for me to come and go to my appointment. The doctor was so gentle and sincere. Everyone made my choice feel like the right one. Thanks

Joslyn, Palmdale, CA

No one wants to have an abortion. I was so anxious about everything, but knew it just wasn't the right time for me to start a family. I found out about My Choice through a girlfriend of mine. I didn't even know that she had had an abortion so even though it came as a suprise, I was thankful to have her support. She told me about the loving staff at my choice and was even there with me when I called their toll free number and couldn't believe someone actually picked up at 9:30 p.m. The woman was so warm and caring so I made an appointment for the next day first thing in the morning. I was seen right away as soon as I signed in. My girlfriend was able to come with me and be by my side every step of the way, and I felt completely enveloped by the support of everyone at the center. Dr. Joseph was so kind and supportive. The staff made sure that I had a ride home and offered to drive me home if I didn't but since my friend was with me I was OK. I am so grateful that my friend pointed me in the direction of 'My Choice' and would definitely recommend the center to any woman who finds herself in the same situation that I did. Peace and Love.

Margarita C.

The staff here was amazing! Dr. Joseph and his staff accommodated an evening time that worked best with my schedule. I loved how this was a private office and I was able to have a one on one consult with the doctor. Dr. Joseph answered all my questions and concerns. He explained everything I should expect; which made my experience feel so much more comfortable. I definitely recommend this place!


Maria, Oxnard, CA

I recently had a Surgical Abortion at My Choice Medical Center. They were great there! I talked with the sweetest lady named Kelly a few days before I came in for the procedure. She talked to me about all the things I needed to know and what I would like to do. She was very informative about the different types of  abortion procedures and made sure I knew how important it was for me to get on birth control  after the the procedure. I came in for the abortion three days after and felt very nervous at first and didn't know what to expect. Kelly made me feel very comfortable and calm. We filled out some papers and did the ultrasound, the next thing you know, I was ready to have the abortion. The doctor came in and the procedure literally took five minutes and it was done! I couldn't believe it! I love My Choice Medical Center and I will definitely go back for regular papsmear exams whenever I need to!

Travis, Hollywood, CA

So, me and my girl just got into our first house. It is great, and we're happy, but we just aren't ready to start a family just yet. Maybe in a year or two, but with the job market the way it is, we just didn't think it was the right time. So fast forward to my girl missing her monthly. She freaked of course, but just two weeks before this one chick at work who let's EVERYONE know ALL her business, mentioned this spot in Van Nuys where she had gone. I tuned out most of what she was saying because it was close to lunch time and I knew In-N-Outs line was getting longer by the minute, but the truth is I was glad that she mentioned this spot. When my girl told me that she had made the choice to end the pregnency I totally supported her. After all like they say it is "her body." I can't lie. I was a little nervous especially with all the bull-sh*t religious propaganda that is out there about abortion. but when we got to the office we signed in and lemme tell you it was absolutely smooth sailing from then on out.

The doctor I think his name was Joseph was cooler than any doctor I have ever met. He was very cool with my girl and made sure she was totally comfortable and not nervous. I guess he could tell I was a little nervous, so he told me everything would be chill. . .not his words, but you get what I mean. . .and told me I was more than welcome to be in the room with my girl the whole time. They first made sure she was pregnant, did a real quick ultrasound thingiemabob, and then gave her some chill out and pain meds. We didn't even call before we came in! Everything went super smooth at this spot and the peeps couldn't have been more nice. of course I had a thousand and one questions and they were very patient and answered every one of them. We went back for a follow up and everything is perfect. The brunette lady doctor talked to us about birth control so now we are all over it! There are kids in our future for sure, but I'm glad that my girl made this choice for right now. This place rocks. No doubt.

Veronica D.

I was lucky to find My Choice during the most difficult time.  I picked My Choice for being a private facility since I did not want to sit with a whole bunch of other people in an office.  I got a same day appointment and the staff and physician were very professional and helpful.  No judgment and no wait.  I will highly recommend them.