Currently, obtaining medical services in Alabama is illegal after the overturnment of Roe

  1. Wade. Alabama has some of the most restrictive abortion laws in the United States, prohibiting all abortion unless medically necessary to avoid serious to the mother. Currently there is no exception made in cases of rape or incest in abortion services for women. In order to obtain a medical abortion, a patient must recieve state directed counseling that is designed to discourage all patients from obtaining an abortion. The patient must obtain an ultrasound before getting an abortion in which the provider will offer the patient to view the image. Alabama’s abortion law, also known as the “Human

Life Protection Act” went into effect on Jun 24, 2022 , the day the supreme court overturned Roe v. Wade. According the Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall, this act is meant to criminalize provider who perform abortions or administrer medications for abortions, thereby making it inaccesible for women to obtain abortion services. The Human Life Protection Act does not allow for abortions on women for rape or incest and are required to their pregnancies to term. The only exception for the Human Life Protection Act is if the pregnancy causes a serious medical risk to the mother of the child. Providers that are found guilty of performing abortions will face a class-A felong, meaning the physician could lose their medical liscense and carry a life sentence in prison is the provider is found giving abortion services to women in Alabama.

My Choice Medical Center is a facility that puts their patients first, regardless of location or services. If you are an aspiring patient looking for abortion services we can help in assisting you with travel arrangements, hotel accommodations, scheduling, and flexible hours to expedite your time here. My Choice Medical Center is the only private abortion clinic certified by the National Abortion Federation (NAF). Dr. Paymen Joseph is an OB/GYN medical doctor with over 12 years of experience in abortion care. All patients are provided with private rooms and allow you to bring any guest for emotional support during your appointment. With our minimal wait time, we serve all our patient in a timely manner to ensure no delays.

During consultation, we will give you an estimate of our medical fees that include consultation, diagnostic testing, ultrasound, the procedure, and a follow up visit. Since we are a private practice, we do not accept insurance, including Medi-cal. However we can be able to provide you with an itemized bill to submit to your health insurer for compensation. Our clinic is distinct from Alabama facilities in that we understand that all women should be given the right to make their reproductive decisions, no matter what.

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