Facing any kind of women’s health or reproductive issue can be scary, especially if you have not had to deal with these kinds of concerns in the past. During this very difficult time, it is important to seek out accurate and reliable information from trusted sources. Having clear information about the options that are available to you goes a long way to helping you make decisions about your health. At My Choice Medical Center, we are here to help support you and your loved ones throughout any tough decision or during the family planning stage. Our goal is to ensure that each one of our patients leaves with the knowledge they need to make informed choices about their health.

Abortion Services

The decision to have an abortion is deeply personal, and one that only you can make for yourself. No one else should influence this choice, including medical professionals. Our role is to give you valid, accurate, and unbiased information about each type of abortion service we provide, along with your other options. We are here to provide you with non-judgmental care, regardless of how you choose to proceed. Our staff members strive to provide you with whatever emotional and practical support you need throughout this time.

In some cases, the decision to terminate the pregnancy may have been made up for you. In some cases, medical issues can lead to non-viability or can even threaten your health. We know that choosing a pregnancy termination procedure when you were longing for a child can be absolutely devastating. Our staff members are here to help you and your family through this tough time emotionally. In some cases, talking about the experience and your options with a trained medical professional is helpful. At the very least, it ensures that there is someone around to meet your needs throughout this very difficult time.

The specific type of service that is available to you depends on your condition, the progression of the pregnancy, and any other special health concerns or needs. The sooner you seek out abortion information, the more options are available to you. Throughout the first trimester, you can choose to undergo a manual vacuum aspiration, which is a procedure done under local anesthesia. Dilation and curettage (or simply “aspiration”) can also be performed throughout the first trimester, up to and including the 16thweek.

Surgical abortion is also an option available to women in their first and early trimester. This procedure has become rare, since it is only done in cases where use of the abortion pill is inappropriate. Surgical abortion is a completely safe procedure, as long as it is performed at a clean and licensed clinic, such as My Choice Medical Center.

There are fewer options available in the second trimester. One of them is dilation and evacuation, which can be performed until the end of the 16thweek. Induced abortion is also an option for those in their second term, though it is used only as a last resort. Induced abortion carries with it some health risks, which is why other, safer procedures are recommended first.

The Abortion Pill

Medical abortion, or the abortion pill as it is more commonly known, can be performed only until the 10thweek. It is significantly less invasive than other procedures, carrying with it very little risks. As a result, it is typically preferable when compared to other options. This is especially true for women who have been victims of past trauma, and prefer to avoid other, more invasive, procedures.

The abortion pill is administered in a few ways. Here at My Choice Medical Center, we start the process while the patient is still at the clinic. A dose of Mifeprex is given to the patient by one of our physicians. Anywhere from 12 to 48 hours later, a dose of Misoprostol is given. This second does can be administered at home or at the clinic. The location depends on the needs of the patient and what is safest for her. These medications work by softening the cervix and blocking progesterone, with there being no need for any invasive procedures or interference. Even the follow up appointment is relatively easy, without the need for an internal exam in most cases.

Count on Compassion

Being a woman in today’s society is hard enough. We do not want to make accessing vital health care any more difficult. This is why we ensure that each one of our staff members is caring, compassionate, and non-judgmental. You can count on them to provide you with accurate information on reproductive health, without any editorializing. Whether you are here for abortion services, family planning assistance, or to inquire about cancer screening, our staff members are here to help. Our goal is to make you feel as informed as possible before you make any decisions about your health.

Family Planning

At My Choice Medical Center, we believe that your reproductive rights begin with your ability to access accurate information about your family planning options. Consequently, our staff members are happy to talk with you about your unique needs, working with you to find a reproductive planning solution that works for your needs and lifestyle. We do this by giving you all the information you want about each method, along with its benefits and drawbacks. Our clinic can offer advice, assistance, and prescriptions for the following hormonal and barrier methods:

  • The Pill (various brands)
  • Nuvaring
  • Depo Provera
  • Ortho Evra Patch
  • IUDs (such as Minera and Paragard)
  • Condoms (male condoms, latex-free condoms, and dental dams)

How My Choice Medical Center Can Help

At My Choice Medical Center, you can access a wide range of information about reproductive health. Additionally, you can also benefit from referrals for cancer screenings, confidential STD testing, and on-site pregnancy testing. Our clinic was designed to fulfill your needs while also setting you at east. We encourage you to bring a support person with you to each appointment, even providing a special space for them to wait for you while you meet privately with the doctor (if you so choose).

If you have questions about your reproductive health or family planning services, give us a call today. We are happy to provide you with whatever information you need over the phone or to book you in for an appointment with one of our compassionate medical experts. You can reach us by calling 866-397-3070 or visiting us online.