For more than 10 years, My Choice Medical Center has been serving Silver Lake, CA and the surrounding areas with dignified, compassionate care and comprehensive, confidential abortion and family planning services. 

We take pride in our hard-earned reputation and remain dedicated to providing women with a safe, confidential, and supportive environment designed exclusively for women's health and private abortion services. 

There are a number of distinctive features that make our facility truly unique, including:

  • Same Day, Weekend, and Evening appointments available for your convenience
  • Private, comfortable, clean facility, including private rooms
  • VIP Concierge Services available upon request
  • Minimal to no waiting time
  • Private free parking located behind our facility
  • One set fee with absolutely no hidden costs
  • Companions are always welcome during your visit
  • Completely confidential services

Abortion Services

My Choice Medical Center is the only private abortion practice in Los Angeles that is certified by the National Abortion Federation. Our entire team of experienced medical professionals are here to support you before, during, and after your services. Our continued success is based on exemplary referrals from our satisfied patients who received dignified, individualized medical care from our discreet, compassionate staff. 

Medical Abortion (Pill)

Medical termination is an extremely safe, efficient procedure for women who wish to terminate an early pregnancy. This extremely safe, non-surgical procedure offers 98% effectiveness and is completed in the comfort and privacy of your home. For most women, medical abortion mimics a 'very heavy period' most commonly accompanied by moderate to severe abdominal cramps. 

After completion of routine paperwork to ensure we have your complete medical history and all relevant information, you'll visit our lab. This is where we will perform a pregnancy test to confirm pregnancy and draw blood to verify your blood type.

From there, we will perform an ultrasound to confirm you are less than 9 weeks pregnant and check the location of pregnancy in your uterus. If pregnancy is located in the cervix, ovaries, or tubes, we will discuss more appropriate methods of treatment for your unique needs.

Once we determine you are a good candidate for medical termination, we will administer the first abortion pill during your visit and provide 4 additional pills, as well as, antibiotics for you to take home with you to complete the procedure. Before leaving our facility, we will schedule your follow-up appointment 14 days following your procedure. During this follow-up appointment, we will perform an ultrasound to confirm the success of your medical procedure. 

Surgical Abortion

A surgical abortion, also known as a D&C, can be performed between 5-14 weeks of gestation. Just as with a medical termination procedure, surgical termination is a safe way to end a pregnancy with a 99% effective rate. 

Our surgical abortion services are performed in the privacy of our medical center and generally only takes a few minutes to complete. To begin, you will be given medications to help you remain relaxed and ease any discomfort you may feel during the procedure. Because of these medications, you will need to bring a companion to drive you home following your visit. 

Once the procedure is complete, we will provide you with comprehensive post-operative instructions, relevant medications, and a number where you can reach our on-call physician 24/7 with any questions or concerns you may have following your surgical termination procedure. 

VIP Concierge Services

We understand the increased need for privacy to meet the needs of high-profile individuals, public figures, and celebrities. That's why we offer exclusive VIP concierge services for our patients who need extra privacy and attention. 

Upon request for our VIP concierge services, we will close our entire facility for complete privacy. Our team of medical professionals are solely dedicated to meeting your needs and will ensure no other patients are scheduled or seen for the duration of your visit. 

Our highly-trained team understand the need for complete privacy and are happy to help make you make any arrangements you may need including flight arrangements, car services, hotel accommodations, and more. 

If you have questions or would like to schedule your VIP Concierge Services, be sure to contact one of our dedicated representatives today. 

Family Planning Services

My Choice Medical Center offers women in Silver Lake, CA and surrounding areas with a full spectrum of confidential, comprehensive, compassionate Obstetrical, Gynecological, and family planning services. Services include:

  • Prenatal Services
  • Urine Pregnancy Testing
  • Medical Consultation
  • Obstetrical Ultrasound
  • Emergency Contraception (The Morning After Pill)
  • Birth Control (Including IUD, Depo Provera, Nuvaring, Ortho Evra Patch, and More)
  • STD Testing
  • PAP Smear
  • And More

We are pleased to offer access to the Birth Control method of your choosing and offer comprehensive services to help you understand the family planning options available to you. From birth control pills to IUD's and tubal ligation, we will work closely with you to help you choose the best option that fits your unique, individual needs. 

How My Choice Medical Center Can Help

My Choice Medical Center was designed to include our patients in each and every detail. From the calming, feminine-focused atmosphere to our individual procedure and recovery rooms, your comfort is our number one priority. Our team of highly-skilled medical professionals remain committed to maintaining a meticulously clean facility that abides by the highest healthcare regulations and standards. 

We understand what a difficult time this is for our patients, and are proud to offer a comfortable, clean, and discreet environment for women in Silver Lake and the surrounding areas to explore your family planning options. We encourage patients to bring companions during your visit to further facilitate your comfort and we offer free, private parking behind our facility for enhanced privacy during your visit. 

If you have questions or would like to know more about the services we offer, you can explore some of our most frequently asked questions. We are honored to be able to provide you with comprehensive services and support before, during, and after the service of your choice. For your convenience, you can schedule your services online or give one of our friendly medical professionals a call at 866-397-3070