My Choice Medical Center is committed to serving the needs of all women, regardless of location or proximity to our offices. For clients located at a distance, we are happy to assist with travel arrangements and hotel accommodations. We are also willing to work within fixed travel schedules, including early morning, evening, or weekend appointments to ease and expedite your time away from home.

Our medical personnel works to provide highly discreet, empathetic, and personalized services to all our patients with over eighteen years in the medical practice field. Anyone who visits our Arizona clinic for consultation is sure to receive high-quality medical assistance from our qualified doctors and nurses. Moreover, our friendly environment ensures that you feel empowered and content with your choice to seek pregnancy termination services in a clinic that puts your needs first. We have helped hundreds of women undergo successful abortion procedures in a secure environment, without compromising on their general body health and well being.

Available Services at My Choice Abortion Clinic

At our clinic, we believe in the empowerment of all women in any decisions to do with their bodies. Sometimes, you may fall pregnant in unforeseen circumstances that could alter the course of your life significantly. You do not have to go through with the pregnancy, especially if you had not planned for that course of life. With the services we provide at our Arizona Abortion Clinic, you gain several options regarding the termination of your pregnancy.

The main available options for an Abortion procedure are:

Surgical Pregnancy Termination

Opting for surgical abortion is one of the most effective ways to terminate your pregnancy, especially if the gestation period is between five to fifteen weeks. Abortion by the surgical procedure is also a safe option for our patients because your doctor exercises full control over the system, and makes sure to cover all steps carefully before completing the process. Therefore, you can worry less about the chances of complications arising as our medical treatment is handled by experienced and qualified doctors in the field of reproductive health.

The first step to undergoing a surgical abortion is scheduling a consultation appointment with us. During this meeting, your doctor will make several assessments regarding your overall and reproductive health by requiring you to fill several information forms. Typically, the forms request for any previous medical procedures you have undergone, if any. Also, your doctor gets to learn of any underlying allergies or pre-existing conditions you may have. Your doctor will follow the standard guidelines that govern any Arizona Abortion Clinic and give you all the possible outcomes. Besides this, he/she will provide you with the option of taking more time to make a full confirmation to proceed with your decision. The step is fully procedural and is not meant to deter your choice in any way.

After filling the information forms, you will undergo a physical examination where the Obstetrician performs an ultrasound procedure to confirm that the pregnancy exists, and to study the state of the pregnancy. Moreover, you will provide some blood and urine samples that will serve as an apparatus for your pregnancy and hormonal tests. It is crucial to take each of these tests, as it gives your doctor all the necessary information to conduct a successful surgical abortion. For example, data regarding your blood group helps determine the kind of emergency response strategy that should be applied in case of any issue.

When the laboratory technicians submit all the requisite information, you are ready to undergo the procedure. While some patients prefer undergoing the entire process in a day, we are open to giving you a follow-up appointment the next day to help you prepare for the actual surgical procedure. Thus, you can discuss the most convenient time frame to undergo the abortion, depending on your schedule. Before the process begins, your doctor administers sedative medication that helps you relax and ease any tension you feel. Therefore, you will receive a dose of Motrin and Valium in the recommended medical amount, which should put you in a drowsy but conscious state. Besides the sedatives, you also need local anesthetic medication to reduce the pain and discomfort felt as the procedure continues.

When the medicine is in full effect, your physician will begin the surgical procedure. On average, a surgical abortion, also known as a Dilation and Curettage, takes a relatively short time to complete. It is also essential to understand that your doctor may use different tools to conduct your abortion procedure, depending on the stage of gestation that your pregnancy is. Nevertheless, the conventional devices in use include a speculum used to dilate your vaginal walls and open the working space. After securing an open pathway, your cervix will then undergo dilation to allow the doctor to take the next step. When he/she is satisfied with the dilation, your doctor will insert a suction tube that works to clear the pregnancy from your uterus.

We recommend bringing a companion to the surgical abortion appointment, mainly because the sedatives administered before the procedure will prevent you from driving back home safely. Thus, having a loved one to give to support you through the process and get you home safely will go a long way in promoting your safety.

Often, the process is not excruciating to undergo. However, you will experience cramping as the doctor dilates your cervix and uses the suction appliance. The cramping is normal and should end within a day after the surgical process. Most of our patients can continue their routine activities within 24 hours of the surgery, but under regulations to avoid activities that may strain them, including sexual intercourse.

After two weeks of lapse, we advise you to visit your Arizona Abortion Clinic for a follow-up appointment to allow the doctor to monitor your recovery. Moreover, you also get to learn about the options for the future if you need a lasting solution to prevent pregnancy. Our medical team is happy to give you all the information you need about post-abortion healthcare.

Medicated Abortion

Terminating your pregnancy using abortion pills is another highly effective procedure that guarantees non-invasive processes using surgical tools. The medical pill pregnancy termination procedure works best for a gestation period of up to ten weeks. Over the years, the use of medicinal pills to terminate a pregnancy has become the most preferred option, mainly because you can undertake the process at home. Moreover, it guarantees the same range of success as surgical procedures without having to face invasive methods. You are assured of safe termination of pregnancy, with available statistical data indicating a rate of over 99% safely conducted procedures where the patient did not experience any adverse effects.

Similar to the Dilation and Curettage process, you need to schedule a consultation appointment where your doctor requires you to fill in a medical information form. The information provided will help your physician get a gist of your current health state by checking your medical history. Also, you need to undergo laboratory tests to confirm the presence of the pregnancy, blood type, and hormone levels.

If you wish to speak to your Arizona Abortion Clinic doctor again before going through with the medical abortion pill, feel free to request a private consultation after taking the test. Typically, you should be able to do this within the time frame set for a single appointment. The session with your doctor will provide all the necessary information you need about the pills you will take to complete the abortion process. We are happy to take on any questions and points of concern at this stage, to ensure that you fully grasp the concept of how the pills work. Moreover, we will give you all the instructions to follow to ensure that you take the medicines we provide effectively.

To start up the process, you will take one pill at the clinic before leaving to go back home. Usually, patients do not experience much pain after the first intake since it serves to jumpstart the abortion process. Within 24 to 48 hours of taking the first medical abortion pill, you should follow up on the treatment up with Misoprostol pills. We will give you four such pills to take home, to help with the completion of the termination process. We advise you to take the drugs whenever you feel the most comfortable and avoid straining your body unnecessarily. Upon the final stage of the process, most patients experience heavy cramps similar to menstrual cramping that is common among women. You do not have to persevere the cramping because we will give you painkillers to manage your discomfort and pain.

After completing the abortion process, we will schedule another appointment, where we will conduct another ultrasound to check on the success of the medical pill abortion. Usually, there should be no mishaps with the process, mainly because it has a high success rate. However, should we notice that the termination was unsuccessful, we can schedule a surgical abortion as a remedy.

Family Planning Services

On top of safe abortion services, you will also receive family planning services if you need to prevent yourself from getting pregnant again. Most of our patients benefit from the available options, especially if they require long term reversible methods of birth control. Moreover, our birth control services are a great starting option for our younger patients who have recently become sexually active, as family planning reduces the chances of an unplanned pregnancy.

You can expect the following birth control service options from our Arizona Abortion Clinic:

  1. IUD Insertion

An intrauterine device is an excellent form of birth control because it is a reversible long term option, meaning that it can serve you for five to twelve years. An IUD is a small T-shaped device fitted in your uterus to prevent implantation of the embryo by covering access to the uterine walls. Additionally, the IUD rod has a coating that acts as a spermicide or exudes hormones to prevent ovulation. Therefore, if you prefer a non-hormonal birth control option, you can choose the copper IUD that uses copper minerals to kill spermatozoon cells. Alternatively, the hormonal IUD releases progestin and Estrogen to prevent ovulation. Consequently, pregnancy will not occur because there is no release of a female egg cell.

The insertion process takes a few minutes and is not painful. Your doctor will have to dilate your cervix slightly to insert the IUD. Thus, you may experience mild cramping that should recede after some hours of insertion.

  1. Vaginal Ring Insertion

The Vaginal ring rests at the very end of your vagina, near the cervix, and releases Progestin and Estrogen hormones to stop ovulation. A highlight of the ring is that you can still receive regular periods since you remove it after three weeks to allow the process to ensue. At the clinic, we help you insert the ring and give you a demonstration of how to remove it, to provide you with control over the birth control process. Therefore, you do not need to worry about maintaining your menstrual cycle with the vaginal ring.

  1. Birth Control Pills

The first form of birth control was by use of pills to provide your body with the Estrogen and Progestin hormones. Birth control pills remain a viable option for most women seeking a non-invasive family planning option. While the pill option is manageable, you need to follow a strict routine and remember to take your pills every day at the same time. A failure to do so for even a day may expose you to the risk of falling pregnant. Our medical personnel can offer you help by preparing a specific timetable for your pill intake to keep you on track with your birth control.

  1. Depo-Provera Shots

Hormonal shots using the Depo-Provera injection also serves to supply your body with the required hormones to prevent pregnancy. You can choose a medical shot that lasts a month, three months, or two years. Once the amount in your bloodstream is depleted, you need to visit your Arizona Abortion Clinic for a new shot to keep the birth control process going.

  1. Patch Installation

A hormonal patch will release the necessary birth control hormones into your bloodstream through your skin. You can place the piece on your thigh, upper arm, buttocks, or even your torso to release the hormones. The birth control option requires you to change your patch every week to ensure a proper supply of hormones. In the fourth week, you may stop wearing the patch to ensure that you still receive your periods. Afterward, you will continue wearing the hormonal piece, and the cycle continues.

  1. Tube Tying

If you are looking for a permanent birth control option, we can conduct a surgical procedure to tie your tubes. This way, the ovulation process is stopped because there is no pathway for your egg cells to move and undergo fertilization.

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