Are you faced with a difficult decision about your reproductive rights? There is no need to struggle alone. At My Choice Medical Center, we are here to provide you with the kind of information, care, and compassion you need during this time. We are focused on offering supportive and educational services to women and their families when they need it most, ensuring that you know about all of your options before you make your decision. My Choice serves women in the Simi Valley area, offering abortion services, reproductive medical care, and family planning services.

Unplanned Pregnancies

Being faced with an unplanned pregnancy can stir up many different emotions and forces you to make a very difficult decision. While no one can make this call for you, the staff at My Choice Medical Center are here to give you all the information you need about each one of your options, including abortion and carrying the fetus to term. In addition to medical services, we also offer emotional support and counseling services for you and your family. Each one of our caring staff members is here to help in whatever way they can without passing judgement on you for your ultimate decision.

Planned Pregnancies

Sadly, there are situations where a planned and hoped-for pregnancy must be terminated for medical reasons, due to non-viability, or to preserve and protect your health. These tragic situations can be incredibly difficult to cope with, especially if you have had problems conceiving. Unfortunately, there is not often a lot of time available to you when making this tough decision. This makes being able to find accurate information about your options important. The staff at My Choice Medical Center is here to give you that information and discuss your options with you in a compassionate way. There are post-abortion counseling services available as well, giving you someone to speak with following the procedure.

Pregnancy Termination Services

Not all pregnancy termination services are right for each woman. The most suitable procedure depends on numerous factors, including the stage of pregnancy and the health of the women involved. The staff at My Choice make sure that you know about all of your options before recommending a particular method. One such option is surgical abortion. This procedure can be performed in either the first or second trimester. It is typically used in situations where the abortion pill is not medically suitable. Surgical abortions are perfectly safe when performed by a reputable provider, such as those who work with My Choice Medical Center.

A second option available throughout the first trimester is called dilation and curettage or manual vacuum aspiration. Local anesthesia is administered, and the procedure is performed on site, with a few hours set aside for recovery. Dilation and evacuation is another, similar method, also performed under local anesthesia. Both of these procedures can only be performed until the end of the 16thweek of pregnancy.

If none of these options is suitable, doctors may turn to an induced abortion. It is safe but can be painful and hard to experience. As a result, your medical advisor may steer you away from this approach unless there are no other options available to you. To be sure that you can find the best method for your needs, make sure you seek out medical assistance as early as possible.

The Abortion Pill

Medical abortion, or the abortion pill, is a non-surgical alternative women and physicians tend to prefer. Unlike the other options mentioned above, medical abortion is only available until the end of the 10thweek of pregnancy. This is a preferable method because there are very few long-term complications, the procedure is non-invasive, and part of it can even be completed in a woman’s home.

The procedure involves the use of two different medications: Mifeprex and Misoprostol. The first is administered in the doctor’s office and the second is taken at home anywhere from 12 to 48 hours later. These drugs work by softening the cervix and blocking progesterone. Follow up care with the abortion pill is also much easier than with other methods, as it involves nothing more than an ultra-sound.

Compassionate Atmosphere

The focus of everyone here at My Choice Medical Center is compassion and support, not judgement. We know that this is not an easy time for you and want to do everything we can to make sure you feel comfortable. Patients are also encouraged to bring a support person, like a friend or trusted family member, with them to each clinic visit. We find that bringing someone you already know and trust with you helps to make the procedure a bit less difficult.

Family Planning

My Choice Medical Center offers numerous services tailored to improving the reproductive health care of the women they serve. This is one of the reasons why they offer their patients access to family planning services. Providing as much information as possible is the best way to prevent unwanted pregnancies and to maintain your own health. Patients are invited to ask questions about the family planning method they are attracted to most, and staff are always eager to inform you about options you may not have previously considered. We can offer you education and assistance with the following:

  • The pill
  • The patch
  • Depo-Provera
  • IUDs
  • Condoms

Since every woman is different, there is no one size fits all birth control option. To be sure that you are set up with the method that is best for your needs and your reproductive health, we can arrange for a visit with one of our doctors or we can help you find your own in the area.

Contacting a Gynecological Center Near Me

My Choice Medical Center is proud to offer a variety of services to women throughout the Simi Valley, CA area, including family planning, cancer screening, and abortion services. Emergency contraception, pregnancy tests, and sexually transmitted infection testing can also be performed on site, completely confidentially.

If you have questions about your reproductive health, stop in to our office near Simi Valley or give us a call at 866-397-3070.