Women in Burbank, CA seeking abortion information can visit My Choice Medical Center. We are here to help women in need by giving them important and accurate advice about pregnancy, pregnancy termination, and options for carrying the pregnancy to term. The compassionate and non-judgmental staff at My Choice Medical Center are here to help, whatever your decision may be. This includes providing patients with abortion services and family planning advice.

The Right to an Informed Choice

The topic of pregnancy termination is a sensitive one. It is a difficult decision that can only be made if a woman has all of the relevant information. It is important to seek out medical assistance as soon as you suspect you are pregnant so you can take advantage of as many options as possible. The staff at My Choice Medical Center strongly believe in empowering their patients with as much information as is available about the procedure and the other options available to the women in their care.

Not all women who seek out an abortion clinic do so because of an unplanned pregnancy. In some cases, women may choose to terminate their pregnancies for medical reasons. Visiting a clinic with a caring and emotionally supportive staff makes the process slightly easier You want to feel confident in your medical team, especially if you are basing your decision off of their advice.

Abortion Services

The decision to terminate a pregnancy is a very personal one with specific reasons varying from woman to woman. When you are seeking out abortion services, you need to know you have found a non-judgmental clinic that can educate you on the various methods and your own options. My Choice Medical Center offers women a few different options in this regard.

The abortion pill, also called a medical abortion, is a non-surgical way to terminate a pregnancy. It carries very few risks and is very effective. Typically, it begins at the clinic with the administration of Mifeprex. The woman is then discharged and sent home, where, 12 to 48 hours later, she takes Misoprostol. This combination of medications blocks the progesterone hormone and encourages the cervix to soften.

After the 10thweek of pregnancy, or in situations where the abortion pill is not suitable, women may undergo surgical procedures. These include manual vacuum aspiration, dilation and curettage, and dilation and evacuation. The latter two methods can be used up until the 16thweek of pregnancy. Local anesthesia and painkiller are given for each one of these procedures.

The length of recovery times depends on the method used and how far along the woman was at the time. For example, abortions completed in the early part of the first trimester carry with them a much shorter recovery period than those done at 16 weeks.

When deciding on the most suitable technique, most abortion providers spend some time talking with the woman. Together, they find an approach that she is comfortable with yet is expected to be effective. Women should never be afraid to ask for more pain medication at this time. Not only can it help with the pain, many people find that simply knowing pain relief is coming can help reduce stress levels.

Family Planning Services

My Choice Medical Center is happy to offer a wide range of birth control options. Our team believes that education is power, which is why they spend time teaching women about their own reproductive health, encouraging them to make healthy choices. The staff at My Choice Medical Center are happy to offer a wide range of family planning services, including direct access to a specialist in that field. This ensures that all our patients are taken care of. They realize that careful family planning is the best way to have children on your terms, giving you a chance to be settled or have your adventures in advance.

There are numerous birth control options for women available on the market, aside from the infamous The Pill. Examples include the implantation of an IUD such as those manufactured by Minra and Paragard, an injection of Depo Provera, the Ortho Evra Patch, and the Nuvaring. Each one of these family planning methods has its own list of benefits and drawbacks. It is best to discuss this topic with your healthcare professional, who should be aware of the other medications and health complications you are facing. When you speak with a healthcare provider about your family planning needs, talk about your birth control needs. This include your plan for children in the future. Information like this can help your healthcare provider give you relevant information about your birth control options.

Our doctors and medical team at My Choice Medical Center are also happy to offer a range of healthcare options for women. You can arrange for PAP smears and other forms of cancer testing, along with STD testing and access to emergency contraception.

How My Choice Can Help

The compassionate and non-judgmental staff at My Choice Medical Center is here to help you with your women’s health needs, no matter what they are. We offer pregnancy testing, counseling services, and information about all of your options. Women can only make informed choices once they have all the facts, and the staff at My Choice Medical Center do their best to give their patients what they need.

Each clinic is run to the highest standards, complying with all state and federal health regulations. We also have their own laboratory on-site, leading to fast and accurate test processing. You are also encouraged to bring a friend or family member with you to your visit, to help you feel more at east while at My Choice Medical Center.

Individuals with questions about the services provided by My Choice Medical Center, including those relating to family planning and abortion, are welcome to contact the Burbank, CA clinic to learn more. You can also book your appointment or ask for help by calling 866-397-3070. Caring and compassionate staff can assist you in any way they can.