Women looking for accurate information about the sensitive decisions they may need to make regarding their bodies and reproductive health can contact My Choice Medical Center. They are here to provide support to women and their loved ones, offering each patient compassionate and informative support. Staff members, including medical personnel, can meet with you to review all of your options, giving you all the tools you need to make an informed choice about your body.

Making an Informed Choice

When you are faced with an unplanned pregnancy or a pregnancy that is not progressing as it should medically, abortion is one of your options. It is important to seek out emotional support and medical assistance as soon as possible. Women across the Encino, CA area can access counseling services specifically designed to inform you of your options, which may include pregnancy termination. The right choice depends on your circumstances; having all the information you need can make it easier.

If you do decide to terminate the pregnancy, either for medical or personal reasons, it is best to seek out a medical abortion clinic with highly trained physicians and emotional care staff on hand. Alternatively, look for one that can refer you to other emotional support services if they do not offer them on site. Even if you are confident in your decision, it is still a good idea to keep your emotional needs in mind. Having the abortion clinic you visit provide or refer you to these services ensures that you only have to deal with qualified staff who share your values.

Abortion Services

My Choice Medical Center staff members do not judge their patients. Instead, they are here to educate patients and support the choices they make about their own reproductive health. They understand that millions of women face unplanned pregnancies or must consider termination for medical reasons each year. If you are considering termination, there are a few options available to you.

One of these options is surgical abortion, which is typically performed in the first or second trimester in situations where the abortion pill cannot be used. It is a safe and effective procedure as long as you seek out a reputable clinic and have it performed by qualified medical staff. In the first trimester, this procedure may be performed via vacuum aspiration. This procedure is done under local anesthesia. Non-vacuum aspiration, or dilation and curettage, is another option for women until the 16thweek of pregnancy.

Medical abortion is not an option once a woman enters her second trimester, though there are other surgical procedures that can be performed. Dilation and curettage can be performed until the 16thweek, as can dilation and evacuation. There are rare cases where neither dilation and curettage or dilation and evacuation can be performed. In situations like these, induced abortion may be the only option available.

The Abortion Pill

A medical abortion, or the abortion pill, is a non-surgical abortion service. It involves the administration of medication as opposed to more invasive techniques. Women can use the abortion pill until their 10thweek of pregnancy. Unlike surgical options, there are very few risks and side effects associated with medical abortion, which is also 93 to 99 percent effective.

The abortion pill is actually two different substances. The first one, called Mifeprex, is typically administered by a physician at the clinic. Anywhere from 12 to 48 hours later, the patient follows this treatment up with a pill called Misoprostol, which can be taken at home or at the clinic. These drugs evacuate the uterus by blocking progesterone and softening your cervix.

This procedure is preferable for many reasons. One of the main reasons patients prefer it is that it is less invasive. As a result, the procedure is much less traumatic. Additionally, the follow-up appointment is relatively pain-free. You only need to visit the clinic again about two weeks after the appointment, where a doctor administers an ultrasound and draws blood. No internal exam is required.

Family Planning Services

Staff members and medical professionals at My Choice Medical Center firmly believe that all women should be empowered to make their own decisions about their reproductive health. This philosophy covers family planning and birth control options as well as the provision of abortion services. As a result, there are a variety of family planning options available to patients of the clinic. Each one includes access to a specialist, which means you know you can trust the care you receive to be the very best.

There are a range of birth control options available to women across the Encino area. The best one for you depends on your needs, your lifestyle, and your overall health. My Choice Medical Center can give you the family planning and abortion information you need to make an educated choice about your options. Birth control solutions offered at My Choice Medical Center include:

  • The Pill
  • Ortha-Evra Patch
  • Depo-Provera
  • Nuvaring
  • IUDs, with or without hormones

There are also a range of women’s health services offered at My Choice Medical Center, including breast cancer screening. If you do not have a physician for regular appointments and checkups, you can also schedule you PAP smear and other types of cancer screening at their clinics. Sexually transmitted infection and disease testing, free pregnancy tests, and emergency contraception are also provided at all My Choice Medical Centers.

How My Choice Medical Center Near Me Can Help

The center itself was designed to put the comfort of all patients first. Consulting rooms are decorated in calming shades, setting all patients at ease as soon as they walk through the door. Recovery rooms and waiting areas are also specifically designed to reduce anxiety. Patients are encouraged to bring companions for emotional support throughout their visit. The clinic also has its own laboratory, processing all tests quickly and confidentially. All staff members are caring and empathetic, so you can trust the staff to treat you with respect and dignity at all times.

If you have questions about pregnancy termination, family planning, or need help with your reproductive health, contact My Choice Medical Center at 866-397-3070, servicing the Encino, CA community or find out more about us online by reviewing more of our website and service areas.